Geek (verb): To be or become extremely excited or enthusiastic about a subject, typically one of specialist or minority interest.


I'm Sharon, and I've been a geek since I was tiny. What started as a love of superheroes and video games has developed into a passion for developing marketing strategy across the bajillion platforms available to marketers today.  But I'm not just the brains, I also bring the brawn. I love to execute data-driven (nerd!), multivariate tested (geek!) campaigns.

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A long time ago–

...well, 15 years of marketing experience seems like a long time in today's world of digital everything.  I'm lucky to have been born in the very beginning of the "digital native" generation, but old enough to have experience with traditional marketing. So, while I've worked with media buyers and layout artists, I've also mastered SEO, content, and social. I can write an amazing one-sheet - and then gate that baby as part of a customer acquisition campaign.

In a galaxy far, far away–

Okay, Philly isn't that far from here, but it can feel like it sometimes. I bring my Philadelphia attitude (suck it up, and get it done) and combine it with 20 years of Seattle-inspired politeness and tech savvy to bring effective project and people management to my teams and campaigns.

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