Be a dragon. Or a thundercat.


This is a picture of me at age seven, dressed like Lion-o from Thundercats.

As you've probably guessed by now, my geeky identity is pretty important to me. Why? And why would you - presumably looking to hire me - care? Because being a geek means embracing your passion with your whole heart.  It means unabashedly loving what you love, no matter how dorky or uncool it seems to the masses. It means constantly learning and groking new skills that support those passions.  

Lucky for you, I'm a Marketing Geek*

And lest you think I have lost any of that childhood passion..

Here is a picture of me, exactly 30 years later, dressed as fancy Wonder Woman.



*also a Star Trek Geek, a Buffy Geek, a Harry Potter Geek, a Comics Geek, a Social Justice Geek, and a Lipstick Geek.